Roller Baller

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Some facts about Roller Baller

The mechanics of the game

Participate in Roller Baller to enjoy an exciting run. The game requests you to navigate the ball and reach the finish line without falling out off the track.

You will control the ball in this game. In the first level, your ball will be in the shape of a globe. To keep the globe safe, you must steer it across platforms. There are many platforms side by side creating a track for you. However, they also create countless gaps. You will probably fall off the track if you do not jump over them.

You have to remember that, once you fall into the vast universe, the game is over. You will be forced to start over. Try to be able to reach the last platform which is marked by another color. It is considered the finish line in this game.

The highlights

The game brings an extremely magnificent scene. You will be immersed in outer space, where there are many twinkling stars. However, large spaces also create a lot of danger for you. You can fall down. Can your globe keep its balance and complete the race? Are you brave enough to help it avoid falling into space?

The sound of the game is also very unique. Like Spacebar Clicker, the game gives you moments of entertainment and relaxation. You will be immersed in the game. It makes you cannot stop playing. Come here and experience it.

In addition, in the game, the leaderboard is also available. If you have a high score, you will be ranked. Leaderboard not only shows your achievements but also motivates you to achieve high scores. You can completely put your name on this ranking. So, let's try your best.

Some tips to win in Roller Baller

Do not ignore this section. You can know about the obstacles which you will face on the track. In addition, you can apply some tips below to win the game.

Some challenges you must face

Besides the gaps, there are a lot of obstacles on the race track. You will encounter a lot of unstable bricks. They can collapse at any time if you are not paying attention. You need to be more careful with them. Take a right or left turn to dodge. In addition, some other obstacles will force you to change the position of the ball because they are blocking your way. In addition, your ball can lose control when you go too fast resulting in falling into space. Finally, you have to remember that your track does not have many walls, which is one of the reasons why you lose.

Furthermore, the game will become more challenging through each level. Your rack will be longer. The number of obstacles and gaps will increase. Let's train hard to complete the level.

The tips to overcome challenges

You should go in the middle of the track to avoid getting into space. If you go too close to the edge of the track, you cannot react in time when the obstacles appear. Moreover, you should combine keys to help your character go forward safely. The speed of the ball should also be adjusted. Decelerate to observe and avoid obstacles. Acceleration will help you jump over gaps easily.