Shell Shockers

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Some fantastic information about Shell Shockers

The game modes in the game

Shell Shockers is a remarkable shooting game. You will join the game and check your talented shooting ability by defeating all enemies before they do.

If you think the egg is fragile and broken easily, you are mistaken. In this game, the egg is the strongest warrior. It can defeat many opponents with advanced weapons. The egg is not afraid of its opponents. It can fight tenaciously while still ensuring its life. If you still do not believe it is true, you can join the game to experience it. You will transform into an egg warrior and participate in fierce battles which are available in different modes.

The first mode is the Free For All mode. In this mode, you will meet many other opponents from all over the world. They are also equipped with cutting-edge weapons. You have to destroy them quickly to be the last one standing on the playing field. Next, Team mode allows you to collaborate with other players. You will work together to eliminate the enemy. The team that destroys all of the members first will lose.

In Capture The Spatula mode, you are forced to find the spoon before your opponent. If you cannot find it quickly, you can kill all enemies to minimize the competition. The last mode is King Of The Coop. You will fight against them as a team with others. Your team must defeat all enemies to get 250 golden eggs.

Control the egg to win

WASD keys to move.

Left mouse to shoot.

Spacebar to jump.

Shift to aim.

E to change weapons.

R to reload.

Q to launch a grenade.

The shop in Shell Shockers

There are many items in the shop. They are divided into inventory and new goods. However, all of them have their advantages. They will help you finish the game easily. Before shopping, you need to make sure that you have enough golden eggs to buy them.

The whipper and secondary

There are some weapons that you can purchase in the shop. You can select AK-47, Scramblers, Free Rangers, Rpeggs, Whippers, Crackshots, and Tri-Hard. All of them are very powerful. You will use the gold eggs you earn to be able to buy them. If you have a lot of gold eggs, buy all of them for a better game experience. The price of each weapon is also different. So, depending on your gold eggs, you can choose the most suitable gun.

The stamps and hats

You will start playing the game with a normal egg. However, if you want your warrior egg to stand out more, you can buy stamps for it. Put stamps you can buy on the egg and make it more eye-catching.

In addition, do not miss the hats. Some kinds of hats you can choose from are buckets, caps, fedoras, top hats, Panamas, etc. Use the hat as a decorative item for your character.

The grenades and melle

There are countless types of ammunition with different prices waiting for you. They cost from 1000 eggs to 10000 eggs. You can use them to defeat multiple opponents at once. If you own them, you will not be afraid of being surrounded by enemies.

The melee weapons are various. You purchase one of them to start the game. They are shoes, guitars, micro, rope, etc.