Monkey Mart

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What is Monkey Mart

The gameplay

Monkey Mart is a fun idle game suitable for everyone. Join the game to complete all tasks and develop your mart to earn as much money as possible.

Let's join the interesting game. You will control the monkey character. Your main task is to develop this market. To expand the scale of the market, the monkey needs to perform a series of different jobs. The main work that you will need to do to support the monkey is to harvest agricultural products. Agricultural products are very popular with monkey guests. They will go to the shelves and take the products they want. Next, you have to control your character to go to the cashier counter to receive money from customers. In addition, there are a bunch of other tasks that you have to complete. When you have a lot of money, you need to use them to open more stalls or grow more agricultural products. From there, you continue your busy work to earn money.

Depending on how hard you work, the mart can develop, cannot it? If you focus on your work, you will earn a lot of money. After finishing the game, you can move to Spacebar Clicker to relax. Good luck!

How to control

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move.

Some kinds of agricultural products in Monkey Mart

There are a lot of products in the game. However, you will start the game with bananas and corn first.

The banana

Bananas are the first crop to appear in your mart. You will harvest bananas and put them on the shelves. Try to save a lot of money from bananas to be able to expand the size of the market. Then, use the money you get from selling bananas to grow more corn.

The corn

Corn is one of the agricultural products that can produce many other foods. You can harvest corn to sell to other customers. In addition, you can use corn to feed chickens and dairy cows. Then, you will have eggs and milk for sale. Remember that you always provide corn for them to feed them unless you cannot get more products. Sometimes, the chicken and dairy cow will sleep. You need to wake them up. You can make more money from these new products. If you have a lot of money, buy more microphones. You will produce a lot of popcorn to meet the needs of customers.

The upgrades in Monkey Mart

As you know, your monkey character has to do anything. It may overload. So, to help him, you should hire other monkeys. Each of them will take some jobs. You will become free if you have their assistance. You must use a lot of monkeys to hire. In addition, when they become your employee, you can upgrade them. They can become faster when you select to speed up. Do not forget Stamina. Your employees will be less likely to fall asleep at work. So you can fully make the most of their labor.

Finally, you also boost your chicken, cow, and microwave. Try to earn a lot of money to upgrade them. As a result, you can have a lot of new products. Sell them to get money and continue boosting. Good luck!