Cookie Clicker

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About Cookie Clicker


Cookie Clicker is an idle game that offers exciting gameplay. Your mission in this game is to create as many cookies as possible to unlock some buildings.

Like Spacebar Clicker, this game has extremely simple gameplay. Anyone can join it. It is perfectly suitable for training as well as entertainment. However, in this game, you will need to make as many cookies as you can. These cookies will add up quickly if you put in the effort. The more cookies you have, the more upgrades you can buy. They will help you get the job done efficiently.

As you know, every time you click, you will get a cookie. You have to click fast to earn more cookies. The number of cookies you get will represent your tapping speed. You need to start with an empty cup. Fill them with the cookies you get. Start accumulating as many cookies as you can. You can unlock many other builds.

Control the game

You will use the left mouse button to play the game. You need to click on the biggest cookies on the screen to get more cookies. Click on the upgrades to buy and click on the items to unlock.

Unlock some upgrades and buildings in Cookie Clicker

After you know about the gameplay, you may use upgrades and buildings. They can assist you in raising the number of cookies. Let's start learning about their functions and uses.

Some upgrades

If you only use the left mouse button to click and create cookies, you will not be able to get a large number of cookies to buy more buildings. So you need to choose the upgrades. They will be important ingredients for you to achieve a high score. If you are passionate about delicious and attractive cookies, join the game now. The cookies are waiting for your help. Can you develop your cookie world?

  • Reinforced index finger: You can upgrade them to add more fingers.
  • Forwards from grandma: When you boost it, your Grandma will increase in power.
  • Ambidextrous: Use it to get many cookies.
  • Sugar gas: It will help you increase two cookies per second.
  • Sugar cookies: Cookie production multiplier +1 percent.
  • Kitten helpers: You gain more CpS the more milk you have.

Some buildings to get more cookies

  • Cursor: auto-click once every 10 seconds. You can purchase more Cursors to get many cookies without clicking.
  • Grandma: A nice grandma to bake more cookies. As a result, you do not need to worry about baking. You only focus on creating the cookies. Then, Grandma will help you.
  • Farm: You can build the Farm to grow cookies and plants from cookie seeds. The more farms you have, the more cookies you own.
  • Mine: Let's try your best to make many cookies, then use them to unlock the Mine. You can utilize cookie dough and chocolate chips.
  • Factory: When you have 120.000 cookies, you can purchase the Factory. It will help you to produce large quantities of cookies.

There are two remaining buildings. You must unlock them yourself. They are expensive. So, you must accumulate many cookies if you want to own them. Good luck! Play until you can break your record.