Run Run Duck

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The adventure of the gold duck in Run Run Duck

The game rules

Welcome to Run Run Duck where you can control a cute gold duck. You must collect the gold egg to complete the level while avoiding creatures.

The game gives you hours of fun and entertainment. You are immersed in the journey of the golden duck. This is an arduous journey with countless dangers waiting for you. You will join this journey with your uncle and help him complete all the levels. Do not wait any longer, join it now.

First, you need to support your duck forward. It needs to find a golden egg to be able to complete the quest. The position of the golden egg will be further away with each level. The higher the level, the further you need to go. Next, you need to avoid dangerous creatures. Although they look small, they can take your character's life. Therefore, you must dodge them. If you hit them, you will lose a life. Remember that you only have three lives in each level. When you run out of lives, the game is over. If you cannot avoid them, you can create a new strategy to jump into their heads to eliminate them. You should also be careful unless you will lose. Finally, you must complete your task on time. The timer will count down. So, you must run as far as possible to win. It is best if you can focus on the timer to know your remaining time.

You also join the game with friends to compete. Play the game in turn and try to overcome many levels. You need to be skillful and clever to finish. After finishing the game, you can move to

Controls your duck

In the game, you will use the keys on the keyboard to play. Press the left and right arrow keys to move. You also use A and D to control your duck character. When facing the creatures, you should jump over them by using the up arrow key or W. Try your best to win.

The highlights of Run Run Duck

To understand more about the game, you can learn about the track with many challenges waiting for you. On the track, you may face many obstacles and power-ups. In addition, you also change your duck character to beat others.

Some things on the track

On the way, you can meet countless colorful little creatures. They move and block your path. You must jump over them to dodge or destroy them before they touch you. In addition, there are many gold coins along the way. Let's collect them. You will become rich thanks to them. Next, you should not miss the mysterious gift boxes. They can hide many power-ups. You can get weapons when you open gifts. They can help you fight dangerous creatures. Shields and armor can help you survive even crashing into creatures. However, the time to use power-ups is limited. So, you must use them effectively to get the golden eggs.

The duck character

You can make your character bigger thanks to the mysterious gift boxes. They contain power and make your duck character twice as big. When you have become strong, you can crush all enemies without fearing them. However, the movement speed of large ducks will be slower.