Sushi Party

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The exciting things in Sushi Party


Participate in Sushi Party to help your snake character eat a lot of sushi and other food. Your character needs to eat food to grow up and avoid other snakes.

It is said that you are no stranger to snakes in games. The snake is a character that many people love. In this game, you will control a colorful snake. It looks so lovely. You will help it move around the playground in search of food. You can help it eat sushi, dumplings, ice cream, fruit, and countless other foods. You need to try to eat as much food as possible. Your snake character will get bigger and bigger. It will become a giant snake thanks to your help. Join the game to control this snake.

In the playground, you have to face many other snakes controlled by many players worldwide. They are also trying to feed their own snakes. You need to avoid them not being their food. When you hit another snake's body, you lose. However, you can also set traps to make them crash into your torso. As a result, you get more food from your opponent.

Try to be able to become the biggest snake in the chi yard. You can practice your skills through this game. After completing the game, you can switch to Spacebar Clicker to continue having fun.

How to consume much food in the game

Let's use the mouse or keys to control your snake. You should note that collecting sushi will make your snake grow faster. However, other foods will also help its body lengthen. So don't miss any food on the playground. Also, when you see the ball, eat it. It will make more sushi for you. As a result, you can collect a lot of sushi without having to go too far.

Furthermore, do not crash into the red wall. It is the limit of the playing field. You will lose your life if you crash into it.

The outstanding game modes in Sushi Party

The 1P mode

In this mode, you will alone set traps for other snakes. Try to turn them into your food. The character can be controlled by using the mouse, then holding and dragging to move your snake. In addition, you also use the arrow key to move. This mode is suitable for those who want to play the game independently.

The 2P mode

This mode allows you to join the game with another person. Both of you will work together to survive on the playground for as long as possible. Let's help each other to get rid of the snakes from the playing field. Before starting to play the game, you will choose the color of your character. To control the character, both of you will use the keys on the same device. The first player will use the arrow keys to move. The other one will use ESDF to move the snake. Let's join the game and enjoy it.