Om Nom Bubbles

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The overview of Om Nom Bubbles

Some principles

Pop as many bubbles as possible in Om Nom Bubbles. Adjust a cannon to shoot the bubble and match at least three of the same color bubbles to clean them up.

Like Connect Dots, the game is available on our web. You can join anytime, and anywhere. Surely you are no stranger to the series of games related to the cute Om Nom character. You will continue to accompany this beloved character to complete the challenge. Your task in this game is to burst as many bubbles as possible. To make them explode, you must match three or more bubbles of the same color. The more bubbles you explode, the more points you get.

In addition, you must shoot the branches as quickly as possible so that the bubbles cannot touch your Om Nom character. You will lose if you let the bubbles on the playing field touch your character.

How to win in the game

To complete the level, you must control the cannon to shoot. You will observe the color of the bubble on the cannon. Then, you must aim and click the left mouse to shoot. It is best if you shoot the bubble in an area that has many same color bubbles. They will be popped at the same time. As a result, the bubbles cannot drop and touch your character. Moreover, you must shoot as quickly as possible before your time runs out.

The things you can get in Om Nom Bubbles

Some rewards

There are four types of rewards that you can get after completing the level. Coins and stars are rewards that you will definitely get. However, to be able to receive badges and trophies, you must achieve a high score. If you reach more than 10 thousand points, you will get a gold medal. Get a gold trophy when you reach more than 50 thousand points.

Some boosters

  • The bonus time: To get more time, you must win the first level. You can add three seconds in the following level. In addition, you also use the coins to upgrade it.
  • The magic bubble: It will be unlocked when you reach level 4. When you shoot the magic bubble, a lot of bubbles on the playing field will change their color.
  • The fire bubble: This bubble will help you clean up many bubbles at the same time.