1v1 Battle

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What is 1v1 Battle?

Some things about the game

1v1 Battle is a shooting and strategy game. In the game, you must control your soldier to beat others and take their resources to build a solid base.

The game is available on our website. It is released to bring you the best experience. You can become a real soldier in the game. Besides fighting hard to defeat other opponents on the playing field, you are also required to have other skills to be able to complete the mission.

It can be said that the game also gives you extremely useful strategies. You will use them to make sure that no opponent can reach you. Before joining this game, you should practice your tapping speed with Spacebar Clicker. It will help you to use the keys to fight proficiently in this game.

The strict rules

In this game, you have two main missions. First, you must defeat your opponents before they do. Your opponents will be lurking around your area to take away the resources you have. Use the ultimate weapon you are equipped with to deal with them.

Next, you can attack their base to take away resources. You can capture bricks to build houses. Gold coins will help you buy more items or skins. Do not miss any diamonds if you want to change weapons.

In the end, you need to build your own base. The base will protect you from enemy attacks. It is also a safe place for you to store your items and resources.

How to play the game

WASD/ the arrow keys to move

The spacebar to jump.

The left Ctrl to crouch.

E to use the door.

The left mouse to shoot/ attack.

The right mouse to aim.

R to reload.

1234 to change the weapons.

V to build the roof.

R to rotate the tiles.

X to build the floor.

C to build stairs.

X to build the wall.

Left mouse button to place buildings.

G to edit building.

The outstanding features of 1v1 Battle

The game offers a lot of exciting traits. You can join and experience it. You can set the game with excellent characters, guns, and rewards.

The shop in the game

You can purchase Skins, Daily Deals, Safes, Diamonds, and Gold. You can select some skins, such as Goth, Goblina, and Skeleton Knight. You need at least 250 diamonds to buy them. In addition, you should join the game regularly to get Daily Deals. You can get more gold coins. Besides, safes offer a lot of diamonds for you.

Customize character

To make your soldier more awesome, you should customize. You can choose to change the appearance of the character. When you complete a few levels, you can unlock them. In addition, changing guns will make it easier for your character to defeat opponents. Finally, you can change objects such as backpacks, hats, and glasses for the character.

The attractive arenas

There are lots of arenas for you to select from. They include Tropical, Marine, Alpine, Geo, Stellar, Lunar, and Legendary Arena. To unlock them, you must collect as many trophies as possible. You can experience the different scenes at each arena.