Sushi Rush

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How to play Sushi Rush

Sushi Rush is an amusing arcade game. In the game, you have to help a sushi piece go forward without being trapped or jumping into many dishes.

Welcome to this fascinating game. Sushi is a dish that is no longer strange to everyone. But have you ever controlled the character as a piece of sushi? Sushi doesn't want to be eaten. It needs to escape so it won't be turned into food. It needs your help.

Your task is to use the keys to control the sushi. You press the up arrow key button to go forward. Use the left and right arrow keys to turn left or right. You must jump step by step to escape. Each time you jump, you will get one point. Try to go as far as possible. What is the highest score you get?

In addition, you need to avoid falling into the water which will cause you to lose instantly. Empty plates are also your danger. If you control the sushi to jump on them, it immediately turns into instant food. At that time, a pair of chopsticks will appear and pick it up. As a result, the game is over.

Some tips to get scores in Sushi Rush

Like Crossy Road, the game asks you to come up with an excellent strategy to win. You must remember that there are two types of discs. Fixed and movable discs. You are not allowed to jump on any discs. Avoid them immediately. You also need to move quickly before the screen is pulled up. You will lose if you go too slow and disappear.

In addition, pay attention to the road ahead to be able to choose the best direction. You can get stuck by a lot of other items. Besides, other platforms above the water may also be interrupted. So, it is best to observe before redirecting.