Clicker Heroes

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The overview of Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is an entertaining arcade game where you can test your pressing speed. You need to beat as many monsters as possible to move to the next level.

The storyline of the game

The game offers a fight against terrifying monsters. They are very numerous. Their presence broke the peace. So you need to join the game to eliminate all these scary monsters.

The game will offer different platforms. Each platform corresponds to a level. You need to eliminate all the monsters on the current platform to be able to transition to other platforms. However, with a large number of monsters, you don't seem to have an advantage. You will need to upgrade your superheroes to defeat them. To get superheroes, you need to have a lot of gold coins to lock them up. They will assist you in defeating fearsome monsters.

In addition, the game is a fierce battle between superheroes and monsters. If you love this game genre, do not miss it.

How to control

Like Spacebar Clicker, You need to use the mouse to play the game. You will click on the monster to defeat them. However, at each level, the monsters will have different HP stats. With monsters with high HP, you need to click many times to defeat them. The faster you click, the more gold coins you get.

Because of the simple gameplay, the game is loved by many people. You will be immersed in this endless war. Are you ready to fight? You can recommend the game to your friends. You will be a superhero if you can defeat many monsters.

The traits of Clicker Heroes

The game not only attracts players with simple gameplay but also with characters. The characters in the game are divided into two different categories. They will make your game more attractive.

The monsters in the game

There are many types of monsters in this game. They have a scary shape. The higher the level, the harder it is to destroy them. Some scary monsters include Sand Blood, Finky, Caperticus, Flower Caperticus, Grablin, Catra, Goboolin, Emperor Skorpinch, etc. They also appear randomly. So you will no longer feel bored. Did you know about all these monsters? They are usually mutated animals and plants. They look scary and terrible. Try your best to defeat all of them. If you want to beat other monsters, you can advance to the following levels where there are a large number of deadly monsters.

The heroes in the game

Helpful Adventurer, Treebeast, Drunken Brawler, Beach Princess, and Wandering Fisherman are the first five superheroes. You need to earn as much money as possible to unlock them. Each character will have different powers. They will assist you to destroy the fearsome monsters. In addition, characters possessing great strength need a lot of gold to buy keys. After unlocking superheroes, you can also upgrade them. They will possess superior power. As a result, you can beat a lot of rivals. Accumulate all coins to unlock the best characters. Have fun.