Spacebar Clicker

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Spacebar Clicker is must try game in the click game genre. When the game gains automatic mode, you even can enjoy this game in your busy time.

Join the Spacebar Clicker game

Many clicker games have been created every year, but the Spacebar Clicker game is one of the best games. However, not everyone knows how to play or understands its rules. Do not worry because the game rules and Spacebar Clicker test will be shown below. Let’s check it all!

The game rules

You are participating in an extremely interesting game. It gives you special gameplay that other games do not have. It can be said that the game is what you are looking for. It not only improves your skills but also upgrades your level. You can join and experience it.
The rules of the game are highly straightforward. The game requests you to increase your score. Try to get as many highest scores as possible. Then, your score will be displayed on the screen. Your score will be recorded when you press the spacebar successfully.
You need to accumulate a large number of scores to be able to get more buffs. These buffs will help you complete the quest faster. Remember that the better the buff, the more points it needs. Therefore, you need to accumulate enough scores to unlock many buffs. After acquiring the buffs, you can also upgrade them.

Spacebar Clicker Test

Are you confident with your reflex and pressing speed? You can train your skills with the Spacebar Clicker Test. You can join it to check your pressing speed. This test not only tells you your current pressing speed but also helps you improve your pressing speed. If you are looking for a game with entertainment combined with speed training, this game is suitable for you.

The test of the game is easy to understand. You can completely play proficiently on the first try. However, getting an impressive score is not as easy as you imagine. You are forced to increase your pressing speed to get the expected results. The counter will not miss any of your results. You can completely count on it. Additionally, pay attention to your score. If you have enough points, use them sensibly. This score will help you to improve in this never-ending test.

It can be said that this test brings a lot of benefits to you. It does not appear to confuse you. The test gives you an overview of your level. Once you get the hang of it, you can completely improve your speed.

The best feature of Spacebar Clicker

The buff will increase your strength as well as your speed when playing the game. You barely need to control them once unlocked. They will automatically work and help you obtain the best achievements.

  • The Monkey buff: You need a monkey to press the spacebar. It will not know what a spacebar is, so it will simply pound the keyboard until it can press. It is successful every five seconds. As a result, your scores will increase automatically.
  • The Boomer Mom buff: You need a Boomer Mom's assistance. Although she cannot even open a Word document, she also can quickly press it three times. When you click the Boomer Mom buff, you need more scores than the Monkey buff to unlock.
  • The Gen Z Kid buff: You will get help from a Generation Z member to press the spacebar. Their pressing speed is 20 times per second despite never seeing the keyboard before.
  • The Keyboard Upgrade buff: Your presses will double automatically with every upgrade. Therefore, try your best to press many times and accumulate your scores.
  • The Angry Influencer buff: These people can press up to 180 times per second. Because anger invades them, they release their emotions by pressing the spacebar. You can use this buff to get more points.
  • The MOBA Gamer buff: This game is very suitable for those who play MOBA games. They need to use their speed to win. So, when you own their buff, you can gain their speed even though you are just a newbie.
  • The Homemade Pressing Robot buff: The Homemade Pressing Robot buff: Robots will help you accomplish these tasks. It is superior to other buffs. As a result, you need many scores to unlock it.
  • The Laser Machine Gun buff: A machine gun that fires 25,000 times per second at the spacebar is the best for you. You can select it.
  • The Nuclear Blast Gun buff: Its speed is 100,000x per second, which is an impressive pressing speed.
  • The Alien Tech Key Pressing Machine buff: It is the last buff. It has the ultimate features. You will be surprised by its pressing speed.

Expand Spacebar Clicker

When you are familiar with the gameplay, and buffs of the game, you can get the highest scores easily. However, if you want to learn more about Spacebar Clicker, do not miss these sections. You can apply recommended tips below when playing. Besides, the game also offers motivation that attracts you and immerses you in it.

Some tips to control

You can play Spacebar Clicker in two different ways. Press the spacebar quickly. In addition, you can use the left mouse button to play the game. You need to click on the space bar icon on the screen to add scores. You do not need to combine too many operations when playing. Those who are proficient in the game can reach a speed of 14 times per second. If you practice hard, you will probably break this record. The harder you practice, the faster your speed will increase. It is the key to your success. You can become one of the best players. What is your highest score? What rank is it in?

In addition, there is another tip for you. You can use both ways of playing at the same time to get more points. That is, you can both use the mouse to click the spacebar icon on the screen, and you can press the spacebar key. This way you will not get tired while playing the game. It also gives you a higher score.

Why should people join the game?

The game is very suitable for those who want to practice clicking speed. Keystroke speed is essential. It is the decisive factor in your victory in other games. These games require you to be agile and precise. So, Spacebar Clicker was released to satisfy everyone's training needs. It is best if you choose the game to play. Your pressing speed will definitely increase after playing this game. The game will also help you relax and relieve stress. You can play to enjoy it anytime.

Besides, you can invite your friends to join the game. Let's compete fairly to find the winner. You have to be faster than your opponent. Train every day to achieve maximum press speed. It becomes an exciting challenge for all.

The top players of Spacebar Clicker on Youtube

Do you know Blue The Gamer 93 which is the Youtube account owned by the best player of Spacebar Clicker? He can obtain six million scores. It is said that he played the game very well. He got an excellent record that almost nobody can break. This is a great achievement that can motivate a lot of people. As a result, many people want to play the game and try to break the best record. Can you become one of the people who can break the record?

Besides, there are a lot of gamers who join the game. Skeleton Squingles also obtained a high score which is three million. Blogketgod is also trying to break the record. Both of them are trying to enter the game and get the winning title. The game immerses them. They cannot stop playing it. So, why don't you join this game right away? Come here and smash your keyboard with this game.

Compare Cookie Clicker and Spacebar Clicker

The similarities

The first similarity between the two games is to help you improve your press speed. When participating in both games, you can train your pressing skills. In addition, the gameplay of both games is quite similar. You will click on the icon on the screen to score more points or get more cookies.

Besides, your gaming time is not limited. You can play for as long as you like. They are infinite games until you reset the game. After resetting, you will start the game again. You will start earning more points and cookies. Finally, in both games, you can unlock upgrades and buffs to add more points. All of them will support you.

The dissimilarities

The first difference that you can easily notice is the graphics. In the game Spacebar Clicker, the graphics are simpler. Game in the direction of minimalism. So, there are not too many details in the game. In contrast, Cookie Clicker has more details. You can completely understand the plot through the details that the game has. In the game Cookie Clicker, you will try to unlock buildings. After unlocking the buildings, you will be able to build a cookie production process. You can unlock Grandma who can help you get more cookies. The Farm and Mine produce a large supply of cookies. The Factory will support biscuit production. The second difference is upgrades and buffs. You can get more buffs when you play Spacebar Clicker, and Cookie Clicker will allow you to unlock upgrades. Each type of upgrade and buff will have different uses. You can choose the appropriate buffs and upgrades to get good results.

The last is the controls. Spacebar Clicker allows you to use the left mouse button or spacebar to play. You can also use both buttons when playing games. In contrast, you can only use the mouse to play the Cookie Clicker game.

Enjoy leisure time with the game

After joining Spacebar Clicker, you will have valuable experiences and lessons. You can apply what you have practiced to get many achievements. The game is available on our website. You can access it at any time. This game is one of the ideal choices when you have leisure time. I think that busy people will love this game because they don't need to act on many operations or solve problems here. Just open the game and let the game run! Then, you still get many clicks for a long idle time without any pressing. Come one! Don't play this game alone because your friends will appreciate your sharing!