Connect Dots

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Welcome to Connect Dots

The game rules

Connect Dots is a logical game where you can train your skills. Your task is to draw some lines to create a model shape and complete the level.

If you are looking for a game that helps you both entertain and train your mind, you should not miss this game. This game is suitable for all ages. Everyone can participate in the game now. Your task is to connect the dots on the screen to form an existing shape. After you complete your task, the shape will change from blurred to bold. As a result, you will be successful and can move on to the following level. However, you must follow a strict rule which is you cannot reconnect a previously connected line. That line will be considered invalid and you cannot continue. You will lose if you get stuck or cannot think of any other way to connect.

Controls in the game

To complete the level you will use the mouse to play this game. Hold and drag the mouse to connect the dots. If you want to improve your mouse usability, you can also join Spacebar Clicker. It is an exciting game that helps you to increase your clicking ability.

The traits of Connect Dots

The game includes exceptional characteristics that are unique among games. Are you prepared to enter the contest?

Many challenging levels

The game offers a large number of challenging levels. You must conquer them in turn. The higher the level, the harder it is. You need to have a smart strategy to overcome them. The next levels will have terrible difficulty. They easily defeat you with strict rules. In addition, the number of dots will increase. They make you think to come up with the best solution. The drawing that you have to complete is also difficult. It is not just a square, rectangle, or diamond. You will face a lot of complicated shapes.

The rank

When playing the game, you can save your results and continue playing on the next turn. So your score is also saved. You will be ranked high if you have an impressive score. To get a high score, you need to pass as many levels as possible. The time you complete the level also affects your score. So, let's finish the real game quickly. Good luck! Wish you can be ranked at the top of the leaderboard.

The hints help you win in Connect Dots

To overcome the difficulty levels, you can choose one of the hints below. You can use them freely because you can use them an unlimited number of times.

The undo button

Press this button when you have an error. It will help you to delete the previous line. Then, you can continue to connect the dots. You can try connecting the dots multiple times to find the optimal way.

The replay button

When you struggle and cannot find the way, you can use it. The effect of the replay button is to remove all drawn lines. As a result, you can start the level again. Let's play the level until you can draw the shape completely.