Stupid Zombies

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Some facts about Stupid Zombies

The game rules

Eliminate all zombies in Stupid Zombies to become the winner. Take advantage of the bounce of ammo when hitting walls and other items to destroy all zombies.

The game not only requires you to have good shooting techniques but also to have a special strategy to win. The stupid zombies that are on the playing field must be eliminated. To be able to clear them, use them. Your gun. Please aim accurately to be able to complete the mission. If you also love the exciting game, Shell Shockers is an ideal game for you.

The fewer bullets you use to shoot them, the higher your score will be. The remaining bullets will be converted into points after you complete the level. Each bullet will correspond to 3000 points. If your score is high, you will get three stars.

On the other hand, if you use all the ammo you have, but the zombies still exist in the field, you will lose. You need to be careful when shooting because these zombies often stand on high platforms or are protected by wooden crates and rocks.

Some tips and tricks

Before shooting, you need to aim carefully. Shoot high-precision bullets to kill multiple enemies at once. Use the left mouse button to shoot.

Additionally, you need to take advantage of the bouncing of bullets. You shoot bullets, they can collide with walls and platforms and bounce back. If they bounce on zombies then you do not need to use a lot of ammo.

Finally, You can also shoot at the wooden stick so that the heavy balls fall on the zombies. They will be destroyed immediately. Rollers are also very useful if you can make them roll into zombies.

The highlights of Stupid Zombies

After finishing the level, you can choose some boosters. There are three kinds of boosters. The first is the bonus scores. You can upgrade them to increase your score significantly. Next, the bonus ammo will help you win in the levels with many enemies. You can also boost the bonus bounce to create an excellent shot.