Moto X3M

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The highlights of Moto X3M

The race tracks you face

Moto X3M offers a deadly race track with many challenges. Your mission is to steer while going through all obstacles and reach the finish line safely.

The game gives you fierce racing tracks. The difficulty of the tracks will increase with each level. You need to stay focused to complete your race. When you succeed, you can move on to the following levels and continue to conquer other dangerous tracks.

In the game, the tracks are very special. It is not as flat as you think. There are many slopes and hills. They are very difficult to overcome. The tracks with steep slopes put you in high danger. Are you brave enough to conquer it?

In addition, there are extremely unique race tracks. They bend into a circle or semicircle. They are very non-physical. To ensure that your motorbike can still go through these roads without falling, you must accelerate. High speed will help your car become more gravity when going through roads like this.

The obstacles in the track

The game also features a wide variety of hazards in addition to challenging racing tracks. They are unsubstantial iron paths that could collapse at any time. If you do not move swiftly, they will fall. As a result, you cannot reach the finish line. Next, the cogs that revolve continuously can crush you. To pass them, you must accelerate uphill, then your motorbike will fly. In addition, the wooden bars should also not be disregarded. These may be useful in assisting you in navigating difficult terrain. But they might break down, leaving you in dangerous traps. There are other obstacles. You can join the game and experience them. Try your best to pass them quickly. You can train your skills before joining the game.

The tactics to pass the level in Moto X3M

The controls

To steer your motorcycle, you must use the arrow key to control it. You will press the up arrow key to accelerate. Remember that you should not drive too fast so as not to lose control. Additionally, you can balance your bike with the left and right arrow keys. The right arrow key is to lean toward and the left arrow key is to lean back. Use them to avoid overturning. Finally, let's brake by pressing the down arrow key.

The tips

When crossing a slope, you need to adjust the speed accordingly. Do not go too fast or you will lose control when going downhill. However, if going uphill is too slow, your motorbike may fall behind, which is also very dangerous.

To get past the long-queued obstacle chapters, you have to gain momentum. You can step back, then accelerate fast. Your car will fly over them and land safely.

You also forgot to collect many stars to be able to change characters and vehicles. In the shop, there are many types of characters and vehicles. Each type has its advantages. You can use all of them and find the best motorbike. Finally, if you also want to train your speed, you can play Spacebar Clicker.