Money Land

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Make money in Money Land

Your tasks in the game

Money Land gives you more opportunities to earn money. You will control the stickman character to collect money, open many businesses and expand your area.

This land belongs to you where you can freely make money. You can get a huge amount of money if you really work hard. This money will help you to expand your area. However, you will have to start the job and do it regularly to make a lot of money.

First, you need to collect money there at the crossroads. This is the first place where you can make money. Use them to open shops around there. These stores will help you get more money. Depending on the size of each store, you will need to use the corresponding amount to open them. After the shops have been opened, they will bring you more money. Keep moving your character so you can get money and invest in other shops.

There are many types of goods in the game. You can open supermarkets, markets, restaurants, ice cream parlors, donuts, ice cream trucks, hotels, and hospitals. They can all give you more money than you expect. It can be seen that the shops in real life will appear in the game. You can absolutely open more types of stores.

Finally, when you can open an entire store in the area, you can expand the region. Make a lot of money to open them. You will continue to work hard to be able to open a large number of stores in this new area.

How to control

Like Spacebar Clicker, you will use the mouse to control the game. You will move the character by holding and dragging the mouse. In addition, you can also use WASD to move the stickman and collect money. It is simple to control. So, you also invite your friends to join the game. Try your best to expand many areas.

Some traits of Money Land

Hire workers

After expanding the area, there are many shops waiting for you. You need to hire more workers who will assist you in collecting money and investing in shops. As a result, you will reduce your workload. However, their speed and abilities will be limited. They cannot carry too much money. Therefore, it is best if you can hire many workers. The number of workers is not limited. So you can use the money you have to hire them. They are very willing to help you.

Upgrades your character

Move Speed, Collect Speed, and Capacity are the available upgrades. When you upgrade Move Speed, you can move faster between stores. The speed of collecting coins will increase when you choose to upgrade Collect Speed. As a result, it will not take you too long to open a store. Finally, let's upgrade Capacity. You will probably carry more money and your moves will also decrease. All of them are very beneficial. You should upgrade them all so that your character gets the job done quickly.