Hungry Box - Eat Before Time Runs Out

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What is Hungry Box - Eat Before Time Runs Out

Introduce the Hungry Box

Welcome to Hungry Box - Eat Before Time Runs Out and control your cute box. The game requests you to make the stick longer to help your character land.

The game offers a completely new play space. You will control a hungry box. It has a very eye-catching red color. Your task is to help it eat the blue marbles on the playing field. You will help your box survive on the playing field as long as possible. You will get more points if you eat a lot of blue balls. Let's feed your box. You will be immersed in this exciting game. Hope that you have refreshing moments. Good luck.

Stretch the sticks

When you start the game, your box will automatically drop from above. You will need to widen the sticks to help the box land. The sticks are responsible for keeping the box to stay longer on the playing field. When stretching the sticks, you need to pay attention to their length. It directly affects box landings. If the stick is too long, it will cause the box to fly further. The sticks below will not be able to block it. If the stick is too short, it cannot support the box. You need to adjust the stick accordingly.

The best traits of Hungry Box - Eat Before Time Runs Out

The game limits your playing time. You need to have a smart strategy to get as many green marbles as possible. Try to survive until time runs out.

You can join the game many times to practice your ability. You can play better in the next round. Are you ready to be able to get more points? Exciting games are waiting for you. You can invite your friends to join the game. Try your best to get the highest scores. In addition, the game with simple gameplay is suitable for everyone. Do not miss it.