Fire Dragon Adventure

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What is Fire Dragon Adventure

The mechanics of the game

Participate in Fire Dragon Adventure to conquer an arduous adventure. You have to collect the gold coins and try to find the exit gate while defeating enemies.

A challenging journey awaits you in the game. It can be said that this journey is fraught with risks and dangers. You need to prepare great skills to complete the mission. This adventure will be conquered by two characters. The first is the knight character. He is a young man with an amazing talent for wielding a sword. He has a pet with him which is a washing dragon. The dragon can help him defeat enemies at a distance thanks to its ability which is to shoot fireballs. The knight will accompany the dragon to complete the level. Therefore, it is best if you can join the game with another person. Both will control the character on the same device. Let's work as a team to be able to achieve

In this game, the task of you and your partner is to collect all the gold coins on the playing field. Then you both have to find the exit portal. When you go through the exit gate, you will pass the level. However, during the adventure, there are many enemies. They are trying to attack you. You need to use the special moves that each character possesses to defeat them. You also need to be clever to be able to remove wooden boxes and stones blocking the way. Good luck.

How to pass the level

Player 1

WASD to move.

F to hit.

Player 2

The arrow keys to move.

L to shoot.

The outstanding features of Fire Dragon Adventure

There are many levels with increasing difficulty. You may be in big trouble at the next level. The number of enemies will increase. There will be many obstacles blocking your way. You need wise strategies to overcome them. In addition, you can pay attention to the directions on the road. They may help you to finish the game quickly.

You also need to remember that the number of lives is limited. Each character has three lives. If your character is killed too many times, you lose. For more lives, you can collect them during your journey. After finishing all levels, you can play Monkey Mart.