Crossy Road

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The overview of the Crossy Road game

Some tasks in the game

Welcome to Crossy Road where you have to cross the road with lovely characters. Your task is to help them stay safe without crashing into vehicles or falling.

Traffic always brings a lot of dangers because there are many vehicles in traffic. In addition, these vehicles are very crowded. They also move at high speed. If anyone crashes into vehicles, it can cause injuries. In this game, you will also have to cross the road.

In this game, you will use the skills you have to help keep your animals safe. First, you will control the chicken character. It has to go through a lot of different roads including roads, railways, and waterways. The road will be home to a lot of vehicles such as cars, trucks, and buses. You need to cross the road quickly to be safe. Be careful not to hit any cars. Next, you will face the railway with super-speed trains. They go very fast and can ruin you if you crash into them. Get off this road quickly. Cross it as soon as you feel safe. Finally, waterways are also very dangerous. To cross the river, you have to jump on floating platforms on the water. If you slip, you will fall into the water and the game will be over.

It can be said that the game gives you the thrill of having to cross the road. You really have to be quick so as not to miss the opportunity. In addition, you will also be under time pressure when playing this game. There will not be any timers. However, if you do not run fast, the screen continues to show the next scene and makes you disappear. As a result, you lose. You can also train your skills in Spacebar Clicker.

To get many scores and coins

To get an impressive score, you need to use keys to move your character. WASD or the arrow key will be the control keys in this game. Use W or the up arrow key to move forward. The A and D of the left and right arrow keys are to turn. Your score will increase gradually as you cross the road safely. The further you go, the more points you get. You also do not miss the coins on the roads. Collect them to purchase other characters. They also help you to unlock other exciting gift boxes.

Some secret characters in Crossy Road

The characters in the game are called Mascots. The chicken will be the original character. However, when you have a lot of gold coins, you can change the character. These characters will be in mysterious gift boxes. You will not be able to know in advance the character you will receive.

Some great characters you can receive

In the game, you can receive a gift after finishing a turn. When you unlock the box, you can get other Mascots. Some attractive mascots are Mallard, Emo Goose, Poopy Poopy Pigeon, Giddy Goat, Black Sheep, Cow, Big Fat Big, Thoroughbred, Unihorse, etc. Try your best to unlock all of them.

The character's features

The characters are extremely eye-catching. They make the game more interesting. In addition, they make you curious and play the game many times. Each character will have interesting characteristics waiting for you to discover. Join the game now.