Zuma Deluxe

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Some things about Zuma Deluxe

The storyline of the game

Join Zuma Deluxe to assist a frog in removing the balls from the playing field. You have to shoot three or more of the same color ball in a row to clean up.

The game is situated in a jungle with dangerous abandoned temples. According to legend, whoever makes it through the forests and these deserted temples will find enormous treasures. The plot is actually not very specific because the game's simplistic gameplay primarily focuses on entertainment.

You will take on the character of a frog in the game, and your objective will be to use balls to blast colored marbles out of the way so they do not hit the yellow skull. Because if you allow the marbles to enter, the ancient trap will be set, the game will be ended, and you will lose.

Therefore, to win, you need to try to pass the levels and not let the marbles come into contact with the golden skull, causing the trap to be activated.

The mechanics of the game

The game's gameplay is quite straightforward. You have to keep the balls from extending, shoot the colorful marbles down, and steer clear of the yellow skull. You will shorten the strip if you shoot at two marbles that are the same color as the one you fired, meaning there are three or more marbles of the same color next to each other.

The traits of Zuma Deluxe

You need to be aware that your time is limited. You only have three minutes to score as many points as you can. Shoot the ball fast and accurately to get a high score. You can also practice your ability through game A. Do not miss any interesting games.

Moreover, you can also lose at any time if the number of balls increases and the main reaches the finish line. You must stop the increasing number of balls.