Zombie Defense

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Join the thrilling battle in Zombie Defense

The game rules

Zombie Defense is a defense strategy game. The game requests you to defend your base from enemy attacks, and then eliminate all of them from the battle.

The game offers a thrilling battle between soldiers and zombies. This battle is becoming more and more fierce and fierce. Are you ready to be able to maintain your army? You need to fight hard to be the only army that survives in the battle.

First, you will need to defend your base where the commander is standing. If your base is destroyed, you will lose. To be able to defend the base, you need to wait for two other soldiers to collect gold coins to buy more soldiers or helicopters. Use them to be able to defend the base.

Next, you need to attack the zombies to stop them from destroying your base. Approach their base and start attacking. Maintain your number of troops until the opponent's base is destroyed.

To play the game

In this game, you will use the mouse to play. Click on the soldiers to buy them. You will have more troops. You can choose the action mode for your army. Click the Def button to expand. Then you can attack the zombie's base by pressing the Atk button.

Some tricks to defeat your opponents in Zombie Defense

Upgrade base

You need to upgrade the base to make it more solid. The stats on HP and Attack are also significantly increased. To be able to upgrade, you need at least 40 bricks. You need to break the opponent's base several times to get a large number of bricks.

Boost your soldiers

There are many kinds of soldiers. You must use your stars to purchase them. Some outstanding soldiers are Stick, Pistol, Helicopter, Sniper, Hammer, Tank, etc. Each character has ultimate features. They own different weapons. Unlock them to build your army.

Improve your team's skills

Bomb, Support, Money, and Invincible are skills you can boost. It is best if you have enough stars to unlock them. When using them, you can defeat your character effectively. If you also try using other skills, 1v1 Battle is one of the best games for you.