Wizard Mike

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What is Wizard Mike

The game rules

Wizard Mike offers some thrilling battles between a wizard and monsters. You have to shoot your enemies down before your bullets run out to pass the level.

A witch named Mike is assigned to guard and protect the forest. Currently, he is facing an invasion of dangerous monsters. They are numerous and powerful. They came with the purpose of invading this forest. So, you need to help Mike protect the forest.

In Mike's hand holds a magic specter. It can help him defeat these monsters. You need to help him aim and shoot bullets toward the monsters. If you can defeat all monsters in a level with just one bullet, you will win 300 coins. They are your precious reward. You can use them to upgrade your character.

In addition, you also need to remember that the following levels will be more dangerous. They put your character at high risk. Therefore, you need to use your skills to defeat them

Some tips to win

  • To defeat the monsters, you need to have excellent shooting skills. You should observe carefully before shooting them so as not to waste ammo. Your ammo is limited. So, you need to use them effectively.
  • Take advantage of the available platforms in the game. They can cause your bullets to bounce. As a result, the monsters will be destroyed.
  • You also need to pay attention to explosives. They will help you kill more monsters with one shot.

Upgrade your character in Wizard Mike

Upgrading your character is very simple. You must accumulate enough gold coins to be able to buy new clothes and hats for your character. Mike is going to be even more awesome. Also, don't forget to upgrade the magic specter. They are your only weapon. If you can unlock new specters, you can defeat dangerous opponents. Try to collect as many gold coins as possible.