Wheelie Cross

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What is Wheelie Cross


Wheelie Cross is an excellent racing game. You have to attempt to run for the longest time while controlling your motorcycle with a wheelie.

Have you ever driven with just a wheelie? Is it really difficult? How did you control your motorcycle? If you love this adventure game, you can join now.

Right from the starting line, you need to accelerate to be able to control your vehicle with a wheelie. You have to balance your car to be able to go further. If you can keep your balance and go far, you will score a record. What's the longest time you can ride a motorcycle with the wheelie?

You will probably fail many times because the game is really a big challenge. You will probably try many times to gain more motorcycle experience.

Furthermore, you can collect more coins to perfect your bike or switch to a new motorcycle. There are many types of motorcycles with outstanding features waiting for you. You will open all of them to be able to start this challenging race.


Use your mouse to click the Speed ​​Up button on the screen to get started. You need to speed up to be able to run with the wheelie. You can also release the left mouse button to lower the motorcycle slightly. As a result, you will avoid upside down. You can use the up arrow key with the same function to play this game.

Some tactics to finish with the best results in Wheelie Cross

Even though it's one of the simplest skills to learn if your balance is off, it can be challenging to perfect. On practically anything with two wheels, you can learn to pull off a wheelie by fast accelerating, lifting up on your handlebars, and understanding how to put your weight in balance.

Besides, you need room to accelerate, perform, and securely land a wheelie in order to pull it off. Try to locate a long, level stretch of road with few vehicles on it. Spend some time testing out how your bike handles and brakes on this route by practicing riding up and down it.