What A Leg

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Some notes when joining a mode in What A Leg

What A Leg is an entertaining racing game for you. You need to draw legs for your character to help her overcome obstacles and reach the finish line.

Before starting the game, you can choose one of two modes to enjoy. Each mode has different features and rules. You can learn about them to finish the race track quickly. Have fun!

The 1 Player mode

In this mode, you will have to work hard to be one of the first to finish. In the first levels, you will practice drawing legs for your character. It helps you get familiar with the gameplay and the rules. While your character runs, you can still exchange other legs for your character as long as they can help you reach the finish line. In later levels, you will compete with others controlled by the computer. You need to outrun them to be the first to finish. Let's change the legs for your character.

The 2 Player mode

This mode allows you to join the game with another person. You will in turn draw four pairs of legs for your character. After you have drawn all four pairs of legs, the game will begin. You will use the keys on the keyboard to change the legs for your character. Note that you can only change one of the four pairs of legs that you drew earlier. So, you have to be careful when drawing the character's legs.

Controls in What A Leg

In the 1 player mode, you will use the left mouse button to draw the legs. When you choose the 2 player mode, you and your enemy will use the left mouse button to draw legs. Then, player 1 will use WASD to exchange the legs. Besides, player 2 will use the arrow keys to change them.