Vikings Vs Skeletons

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Some things about the exciting adventure in Vikings Vs Skeletons

The challenging adventure

Welcome to Vikings Vs Skeletons where you can immerse in a thrilling adventure. Your mission is to collect coins and three stars while defeating monsters.

An exciting journey is waiting for you. Are you ready to join this program? You will control your character as a Viking. He possesses strength and a sharp sword. You will accompany him to be able to defeat scary monsters. You will face the scariest character, the Skeletons. They want to take your power. You must kill them before they do.

In addition, if you can complete the adventure, you can get a lot of rewards. They are a great motivation for you to complete your tasks. Let's conquer this difficult journey. Are you ready to join it?

Some remarkable missions

You have three main missions in this game. First, you need to control your character to avoid obstacles. You must control skillfully to get your items and not crash into deadly obstacles. In addition, you need to jump over the gaps to continue the adventure. Next, you need to beat other monsters. You can use the sword to kill all of them. Try your best to become the last to exist. Finally, the game requests you collect three stars to pass the level. You also don't miss the gold coins. They are your reward.

Controls in Vikings Vs Skeletons

To control your character, you will use the arrow keys. The up arrow key to jump over the obstacles. You can jump higher with a double jump. You can turn left or right by pressing the left and right arrow keys. Finally, let's use the left mouse to click on the beat button to eliminate all monsters. Good luck!