Viking Escape

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About Viking Escape

The game rules

Viking Escape offers a thrilling adventure of a king who can ride a dragon. To complete the game, you need to defeat all opponents and avoid many obstacles.

Viking is a man of invincible strength. He can fight dangerous monsters. His ability to use weapons is also excellent. You will control this character to win. You will use weapons such as shurikens, bows, and dragons. You can change weapons continuously to defeat many different types of monsters. While fighting monsters, you also need to be careful not to be destroyed. Dodge your opponent's bullets. They can also throw momentum at your character. Fly higher or lower to avoid them.

To go further, you need to focus because the number of monsters will increase gradually. They are stronger and have more weapons. You can also use your dragon to defeat them. Your dragon can spit fire toward your opponent. As a result, you can reduce many rivals.

Ways to navigate the character

W to fly high.

S to fly down.

A to fly back.

D to fly forward.

The spacebar to attack.

Other missions in Viking Escape

In this game, you also have a few other important tasks. You should collect as many diamonds as possible. It will help you buy more weapons. The shurikens also appeared in the forest. It is best if you can gather them. Your number of shurikens will increase significantly. So, you can use them freely. Do not miss any items in the game to upgrade your character. Good luck!