Tower Match

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How to build the tower in Tower Match

Join and build the highest tower in Tower Match. Your mission is to match the floors with the highest accuracy to build the best tower and unlock the gift box.

Have you ever built a majestic tower? The game allows you to do it just by using the left mouse button. You click the left mouse button as soon as the floors of the tower appear. It is best to wait for the right time to match them together. The floors of the tower will move from right to left on the screen. Match them correctly to get the highest tower. If you match them off from the previous floors, they will get smaller which makes it harder to stack them. If you fail, you will completely lose. There are players who have created a tower with 100 floors, how about you?

If you love this game then join it now. The game will bring you hours of entertainment. You will be completely immersed in the game. Maybe, the buildings will attract you. In addition, after finishing, you can get a lot of coins. You can use them to purchase the upgrades or unlock other towers. You also receive gift boxes with upgrades and coins. Try your best to build the highest towers.

Some exciting features of Tower Match

The upgrades

  • Start Boost: If you start with upgrades, your tower will already have several floors available. The number of floors depends on your luck when clicking to choose the number of floors. 15 floors is the maximum number of floors for you.
  • Double Coins: This upgrade will give you double gold coins. You will have a lot of gold to upgrade or buy more towers.
  • Extra Width: The width of the floors will be increased. As a result, you can stack more floors without slipping. You should boost this upgrade to get the tallest building.

Some towers

In the game, there are many different towers. These include Eiffle, Kremlin, Lighthouse, Taipei, Pagoda, etc. There are many other types of towers in the game. Initially, you can choose from a number of twelve towers. If you want more types of towers, you need enough gold coins to open them. You need at least 3000 coins to be able to do that. Good luck.