Tiles Of Egypt

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Some information about Tiles Of Egypt

The Egypt Pyramid is always an architectural work that makes many people curious about it. Therefore, the game was born to help players entertain and learn more about the special architecture of humanity.

The game rules

Join and complete all challenging levels in Tiles Of Egypt. Your mission is to move three of the same tiles to eliminate them from the playing field.

In this game, you will see a lot of tiles with images related to Egypt and things related to the people here. Beautiful tiles featuring ancient Egyptians, tall trees, camels, and more will be seen. You will understand more about Egypt through these tiles. Your mission is to move three identical tiles into your hand to make them disappear. Play until all tiles on the playing field disappear. You will complete the level and proceed to the next level.

Additionally, keep in mind that you can only place up to seven tiles into your hand. If you make your hand full, you will lose the game. You also play Connect Dots to train your skills. Good luck!

Controls in the game

To move the tiles into the hand, you need to click on the tile. As a result, the tile will be transferred automatically. Do not let your hand be full. Good luck!

The tricks to complete the level in Tiles Of Egypt

These tiles often overlap. So, you cannot get tiles if they are in the layer below. This is also the cause of your hand being full. You can use either of the two hints below. Each hint requires you to exchange three stars to use.

Use the Undo

The Undo button allows you to undo a previous move. Please use this button to be able to eliminate mistakes. As a result, you can pass the level easily. Try your best to win.

Use the Shuffle

This hint allows you to swap the positions of the tiles. So you can easily get the tiles that are in the lower layer. Use it if you cannot find any matching tiles.