Tiger Run

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About Tiger Run

The intense runaway of the tiger

Tiger Run offers a thrilling run of a tiger that wants to escape from the zoo and the guard. It needs your help to run as far as possible and collect stars.

Welcome to the game where you can check your skills. When you join the game, you can control your tiger to help it run. As you know, the tiger is one of the most dangerous animals. It is often kept in zoos to avoid harming humans. However, confinement makes your tiger feel trapped and want to escape. It needs to run fast to avoid being caught by the guard. Will you help it?

On the path of pain, there are countless kinds of obstacles that stop your character. They make your tiger be caught at any time. So you need to be fast. Let's jump over the barriers to continue running. In addition, you also slide over them. You also need to pay attention that there are many vehicles moving on the road. You are not allowed to rush into them or you will lose.

Besides dodging obstacles, you also need to collect as many stars as possible. The number of stars you collect will help you increase the number of points you have. They also can be used to purchase other upgrades. Therefore, you must try your best to gather them.

To run further in the game

You can use the mouse to play the game. Hold and drag the left mouse button to help your character to move.

The upgrades in Tiger Run

In the game, you can use your stars to purchase some upgrades for your character. When using them, your character will run fast and avoid a lot of obstacles. You can exchange your stars for them. So try to collect as many stars as possible.

  • The magnet: You can buy it to get more stars. You can collect all the stars on the track thanks to it.
  • The boots: They can help you to jump higher. So, you can dodge the cars and buses.
  • The more stars: You can own many stars, and then use them to buy other boosters.