The Sea Rush

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Hit three pairs of fish in The Sea Rush

Welcome to The Sea Rush to conquer several challenges. You have to hit three pairs of fish to finish the level and unlock the new levels in the game.

The sea is attractive with many colored blocks. They are colorful and eye-catching. They start moving from the bottom to the top. First, you must prevent these colored blocks from reaching the top unless you will lose. You need to match at least three of the same color blocks to clean them up. Then, they will continue to appear in other blocks. The game requests you play until you see three fish. To eliminate three fish, you need to make them close together. After they have stood side by side, you can remove them easily. You will easily win the game.

The game has fairly simple gameplay. You can read the instructions before playing. After completing the level, you can continue with other difficulty levels. There are many levels waiting for you. How many levels can you unlock?

Use the power-ups in The Sea Rush

To help you complete the mission easily, the game will give you some power-ups. Use them to prevent blocks from reaching the top. You can also float three fish faster thanks to them.

  • Bombs are one of the most useful power-ups. It will remove a few blocks near it without affecting the fish. To get more bombs, you must hit many rainbow blocks.
  • The hammer is the second power-up. It will remove blocks that are in the same horizontal and vertical row as it. As a result, you can remove multiple blocks at once.
  • Rockets are the ultimate power-ups. Depending on the color of the rocket, it will explode blocks of the same color as it.