Tennis Masters

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The fierce matches in Tennis Masters

Welcome to Tennis Masters where you can immerse yourself in fierce matches. Navigate your character to get five scores before your opponent does and win.

Tennis is a sport between two people or two teams. It requires participants to have good skills and physical strength. If you love sports games and want to join them online, you can choose this game. It is an extremely attractive simulation game. Your task is very simple. You will participate in the match and try to defeat your opponent. You can only win if you score 5 points before your opponent. You need to create tricks that make the ball fall on the opponent's side of the field. As a result, you can score extra points. Try your best to win.

The game also gives you two main match types including Tournament and Friendly Match. Friendly Match is suitable for beginners. You can join it and practice your skills. Once you have become proficient, you can participate in Tournament matches. This match is more intense and fiery. So, to be a champion, you need to try your best.

The game modes of Tennis Masters

What's more, you can select to play with another one in 2 player mode. In this mode, you can compete with your opponent fairly to determine the winner who reaches five scores first. In addition, to control your character in this mode, the first player will use WASD to move and V to hit. When you press B, you can smash. The second player will press the arrow key to move. Press L or K hit or smash.

If you play the game alone, you should choose 1 player mode. Your opponent in this mode will be controlled by the computer. You still use the keys on your keyboard to control your character. Make an effort to score five points.