Temple Run 2

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About Temple Run 2

The story about the ancient temple

The temple is a remnant of an ancient civilization. This place hides a lot of traces and the arts of the ancients. They are shown through every detail of the temple from the walls, pillars, and even the ceiling. This temple has received a lot of attention. They both want to visit and find out the mysteries inside the temple.

However, inside the ancient temple, there is a monster. It was once a human and was saved by the temple. Then, due to the side effects of the remedy, he was turned into a monster and became a strict guard. It will chase all people who want to trespass on the temple.

Your character in the game

Your character is a guy who is curious about the temple. He came to view what was left of the past with his own eyes. He was unfortunately being pursued by monsters. He needs your assistance moving quickly around the track's hazards. Use the up arrow key to jump over the obstacles. You also crouch with the down arrow key. When facing the turns, you can press the left and right arrow keys to control your character. If you are keen on running games, do not miss Roller Baller.

Some abilities of Temple Run 2

While running, you need to collect as many gems as possible. You can use them to upgrade your abilities which you can own while running.

  • Shield Duration: You can increase shield duration by 25 percent. As a result, you can be protected for longer. You will not lose even if you collide with obstacles.
  • Coin Magnet: You will have more coins thanks to it. However, to increase the time to use the magnet, you should boost Coins Magnet. You do not need to go through the coins directly.
  • Boost Distance: Increase boost distance by 50 meters. You can get better results after every run.