Tank Struggle

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The principles of Tank Struggle

Tank Struggle offers a thrilling battle where you must eliminate your opponent. You need to collect ammo and shoot your opponent down to get a score.

This fierce battle requires you to be faster than your opponent. You need to have unique strategies to destroy your opponents before they do. First, you have to move around the playing field to be able to locate your opponent and collect more ammo. After seeing the opponent, you must quickly shoot at it. After the opponent is destroyed, you will get one point. In the end, you have to try to be the last to survive on the playing field.

The game also has a special feature that you can choose the end scores. If you get the end scores first, you will become the champion. The game will be over. Remember that you need to practice more to beat your rival effectively. If you also want to join other battles, you can select Shell Shockers.

Way to control the tanks in Tank Struggle

The game allows you to fight with another person. The two of you will control your characters on the same device. Try to beat your opponent. There are detailed instructions for you.

Player 1

Use WASD to move.

G to shoot.

Player 2

Use the arrow keys to move.

K to shoot.