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Guide to play SuperHero.io

Welcome to SuperHero.io, where you can participate in a dramatic battle to size up. Defeat many opponents on the playing field and avoid being knocked down.

The game offers a new playground that you may have never tried before. Are you a big fan of Marvel movies? You should not ignore this exciting action game. The game has captivating graphics, well-designed sound, and lighting. So it can be said that the game makes you addicted on the first try. You will experience the third perspective game with a top-down character view, which helps you to cover the entire playing field.

Your task is to control the superhero character to collect neon and defeat other enemies on the playing field to size up. Remember that you can only attack those who are smaller than you. You should run or dodge giant superheroes until your size is enough to attack them. Quickly use the sharp sword in your hand to kill all the enemies. To kill many rivals, try to survive on the playing field as long as possible. After you die or the game ends, you will get gold coins. This amount of gold will correspond to the number of heroes you defeat.

Some fantastic traits of SuperHero.io

Upgrade your character

  • Attack distance: Use the gold coins you have to upgrade it. You will gain more attack distance. As a result, it's hard for your opponent's sword to reach you while you can attack them at a similar distance.
  • Movement speed: You can speed up when boosting this characteristic. So, let's collect many gold coins to boost.
  • Attack speed: You need to be faster than your opponent to get them destroyed. If you are slower, you will definitely be killed.

Change other heroes

You can exchange your favorite superheroes. They are available in the Heroes Manual section. However, you also meet some requirements before selecting them. For example, you have to complete some tasks, such as killing the required number of heroes and increasing your character's size.