Summer Match 3

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The mechanics of Summer Match 3

Participate in Summer Match 3 to conquer the challenging levels. You have to gap the items and drop in another collum to match three of the same items.

The game has a very simple gameplay. On the playing field, there is a large board divided into 5 columns. Summer items will appear gradually. You need to use the mouse to gap the items and move them to other columns. You must create a column with three identical items. Then they will disappear. Try to clear the items on the board.

These items will gradually appear. The bar below will tell you the new items and where they appear. After the bar fills in full, they will appear. You need to clean up the items quickly so they don't reach the top of the board.

It is said that the game is pretty easy to get into. You can invite your friends to join the game. Exciting and exciting challenges are waiting for you. How many levels can you conquer? Come on and try your best to win.

Some traits of Summer Match 3

The limited lives

You will lose a life if you let items reach the top of the board. You only have 6 lives in each level. You need to try to save your lives. If you use them inappropriately, you will be forced to stop the game. It is best if you can come up with some wise strategies. Good luck!

The targets

Each level will offer different targets. They will require you to collect enough items to pass the level. Different missions will make the game more interesting. You will have more new challenges. Try your best!