Subway Surfers

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About Subway Surfers

The storyline of the game

Welcome to Subway Surfers where you can immerse in an endless track. You must run as fast as possible to avoid the pursuit of the policeman and his dog.

Jake is a boy who loves art, especially graffiti. He wanted to create his works of art, but he made a mistake. He makes graffiti on the subways where he is forbidden to draw. His actions infuriated the policeman and his dog. The police rushed in and wanted to arrest Jake. Jake's mission now is to run as fast as possible to escape. If he gets caught again, the game is over.

In addition, you must remember, on the subways, there are countless trials and obstacles that Jake has to go through and face. Firstly, the trains were rushing toward Jake at great speed. It can cause Jake to lose his life instantly. Besides, there are many barriers. They lie on the track and force Jake to dodge or get caught. Finally, the large groves distract Jake and crash into them. Obstacle chapters in the railway bring a lot of risks.

Controls in the game

Like Spacebar Clicker, the game is also quite easy to control. In the game, you will transform into Jake who is a muralist. After being done with the graffiti, the police will come and chase you. You must outrun him. When facing obstacles, you can use the left and right arrow keys to exchange your lanes. The A and D key has the same function. Besides, a lot of barriers are blocking you. Depending on the kind of barriers, you can jump over or slide. If the barriers are high, you can slide over them by pressing S or the down arrow key. And vice versa. When pressing the up arrow key or W, you can jump over the barriers if they are lower. You must choose the right time to jump unless you will crash into them. As a result, you cannot continue playing the game.

Some tips for you to win in Subway Surfers

Collect coins to upgrade your character

On the track, there are countless gold coins. You have to collect them to get great items from the shop. You can choose other characters and other skateboards with more outstanding advantages. All of them are quite expensive. Therefore, you have to work hard to get a lot of gold coins. Do not forget that you also need to be careful. Focus on the obstacles if you do not want to stop the game. Sometimes, you can miss some coins once you feel that it is dangerous to gather them.

Collect power-ups on subways

When running, you can collect some power-ups. Collect magnets to get more coins without going through them. In addition, the shield can save you even if you hit obstacles in a short time.

The features of Subway Surfers

The character

The game offers a lot of characters. Each character has outstanding features. You can choose them freely. You do not need to use your coins to purchase, which helps you to save your coins. Let's use these coins to upgrade your character.

The upgrades

You can choose Single Use or Upgrades in the shop. In Single Use, you can select Hoverboard, Mystery Box, Score Booster, and Head Start. They can help you to run further. In addition, do not miss the upgrades. You can use a Super Sneaker to leap on a train and a big barrier. The jetpack that lets you fly. A Coin Magnet and a 2x Multiplier are also available. They will double the number of coins and points you receive.