Stickman Slope

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The exciting race track in Stickman Slope

Some items you can get on the track

Welcome Stickman Slope to run as far as possible. You will control a stickman character to run, avoid obstacles and collect many gems and currency.

Welcome to this exciting race. Your character in this game is a stickman. His mission is to run as far as possible. While running, you need to help him collect as many gems as possible. The better. Red gems can help you buy power-ups or change new characters. However, gems are usually placed near obstacles, you have to be careful not to collide with them. Also, there are lots of currencies on the track. Do not ignore them.

Some items you must avoid

Besides collecting gems and currency, your character also faces a lot of obstacles. There are a lot of barriers on the tracks. Depending on their heights, you need to jump over with the up arrow key. Press the down arrow key to slide. You can dodge them successfully. In addition, you also encounter a lot of trash, cars, etc. You can exchange your character's direction to avoid it. Press the left and right arrow keys to exchange lanes.

The store in Stickman Slope

The power-ups

  • Magnet: It will help you gather a lot of gems without going through them. As a result, you can reduce some risks.
  • X2: The number of scores will increase significantly when you use it. You need to use your gems to purchase this power-up.
  • Invincible: You can save your character's life thanks to it. You may continue your race despite colliding with obstacles.
  • Hearts: In the game, you have three lives. You cannot use all of them unless you will lose. You can buy other hearts to boost your lives.

The characters

There are seven characters that you can choose from. They are Grandfather, Trash Cat, Girl, Hero, Ninja, Punk, and Santa. Let's choose your favorite character. Remember that you must use a lot of gems and currency to purchase them.

The themes

Day and Time Night are two themes you can choose from. They are all available and free to you. Please change the theme to make the game more interesting. Additionally, if you love running games, you can select Run Run Duck.