Stickman Hook

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How to play Stickman Hook

Swing to the finish line

Stickman Hook offers exciting somersault performances. Help your stickman hook into swings or drop into bounce mattresses and reach the finish line safely.

Hold down the left mouse button to hook the rope and make spectacular jumps. In addition, you must avoid obstacles along the way and try to go the longest distance that is the goal that the game sets for you.

Firstly, you will help your stickman character create beautiful somersaults. To be successful, you need to pay attention to the fixed points in the game. They will release the rope to hook your character. Thanks to that, the stickman can do somersaults and move through longer distances. Pay attention to the distance of the points to be able to swing skillfully. Next, the stickman is not allowed to fall into the gaps. Your character will be forced to stop the game if you make any errors. So, you need to be careful when swinging and hooking your stickman. Finally, you need to pay attention to the mattresses that can help your character bounce. It is located at the top or bottom of the playing field. They can also create deadly gaps that cause your character to lose his life. Take advantage of them to be able to complete the task.

To move to the following levels, you must help your character to reach the finish line. You also are careful when trying to reach the finish line. You can fall at any time if you are not paying attention. Completing missions not only helps you win but also shows your talented skills. Are you ready to play the game?

The game is available for you. You can join it now. If you finish all tasks, you can continue with other exciting missions in Spacebar Clicker.

Some tricks to swing safely

You should take advantage of the mattresses. It is one of the most beneficial things you can use on the playground. Your character will not fall into gaps thanks to them. In addition, they will help you bounce and keep hooking points.

Additionally, do not forget to practice many times to master the game. When you have experience and many valuable lessons. You will surely succeed.

The outstanding traits of Stickman Hook

Many characters

There are many stickman characters in the game. They are very eye-catching and cute. Stickman characters with different looks will make the game more vivid. Stickman with a leaf on top will be the next stickman that you will receive if you complete the first five levels. Other stickmen also have cute items like crowns, capes, colors, etc. When you complete five levels consecutively, you can unlock a character. Try your best to unlock all characters.

The challenging levels

A series of difficult levels are waiting for you. You need to complete them in turn to be able to win. These levels will provide a lot of different obstacle chapters. You will probably face dangerous platforms. They can cause your character to fall. In addition, you also need to go far before reaching the destination. Prepare the necessary skills to be able to complete your mission. Good luck.