Stickman Boost

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Some information about Stickman Boost

The dangerous challenges in the game

Stickman Boost is a fantastic running game with many obstacles on the track. You must control your character, overcome all barriers, and reach the finish line.

Your mission in the game is to control the stickman and join the thrilling race track. Honestly, the track is not flat. It is a unique terrain with high walls, swimming pools, and crossbars. Therefore, you must use your skills, including running, jumping, crouching, bowing, and rolling. In addition, this track has many obstacles, such as cog gears, spikes, moving blocks, and shurikens. All of them can kill you at any time. Let's move skillfully to go through many traps that are arranged everywhere. As you can see, you hardly know exactly the finish line's position, so you have to explore every nook and cranny to find it. Play until you can see the finish line and move to the next stage.

Some tips for you to win the game

  • When facing the vertical wall, you must press the up arrow two times, and then you will jump over.
  • Press at the same time the down arrow and left or right arrow keys to bow and roll, and you will overcome the obstacles.
  • Combine the up arrow key and left or right arrow keys to jump over the other terrains when you realize that the space between them is so far.
  • Calm down and keep your cool head.

The modes of Stickman Boost

Online save: You must be logged in to join this game mode. When you play this game mode, you will enjoy the challenges with many others. Moreover, your progress will be saved forever online, ensuring that your achievements are always recorded.

Local save: In this game mode, your progress will be saved on the computer, and you will complete the track alone.