Stick Monkey

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What's interesting in Stick Monkey

The attractive gameplay

Stick Monkey offers some amusing moments. Help a cute monkey character pass as many pillars as possible and get a high score after passing many pillars.

The game has very simple gameplay. You do not need to combine too many operations when playing. The rules of the game are not too strict. So it suits a lot of people. You can join the game at any time because it is already available on our web.

In this game, you will use the left mouse button to play. You need to hold down the mouse to stretch out your character's stick. Then, when you release the left mouse button, the stick will drop. It will become a bridge. As a result, your character can go from pillar to pillar easily. The more pillars you pass, the higher your score. Try to get the highest score and break your own record through the turns.

The character in the game

The character in this game is inspired by the movie Journey to the West. It is also the main character in the movie. This character has become famous and loved by many people. As you know, he has a magic stick. The stick can be made longer or shorter flexibly. So, when this game is released, you continue to meet this character and use the stick as a tool to help him win.

Some tips for you to win in Stick Monkey

To win, you need wise strategies. Note that if you stretch out the stick too long with the distance between the two pillars, your character will fall. However, if the stick is not long enough, the character will not be able to pass the pillars. So, you need to align the distance before holding the left mouse button. It is best if you can practice more times. You will play better in the following turns.