Star Luster Mini

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The principles of Star Luster Mini

Star Luster Mini offers an extremely attractive space journey. Control your spaceship to avoid as many obstacles as possible and try to defeat others.

An extremely exciting journey of the spaceship is waiting for you. You will control your ship to conquer space. You need to dodge the obstacles on the way. They are quite large and block your view. You have to control your spaceship to go through them. You need to go into gaps to overcome them. In addition, you only have three lives. If you crash into other spaceships many times, you will lose. Test your ability to control your spaceship through this game.

What's more, you will face many other warships. They are threatening your life. Their bullets are constantly attacking you. You have to dodge and counter them. If possible, use your gun to shoot them down. As a result, your scores will increase significantly. Good luck!

The outstanding game modes of Star Luster Mini

The game offers two game modes. You can choose one of them before starting the game.

Easy mode

This mode is suitable for beginners. You will notice that the number of obstacles and warships is less. The speed of your spaceship is also slower. You can choose this mode to practice. Play this mode until you become a master.

Hard mode

Contrary to the above mode, you will face more obstacles. They appear more often. They require your speed to be very fast. In addition, other spaceships are also constantly attacking you. They want to remove you from this game. You need to knock them all down.