Spiderman Mysterio Rush

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Defend the city from the monsters in Spiderman Mysterio Rush

How to play the game

Participate in Spiderman Mysterio Rush to keep the city peaceful. The game requests you to control a Spiderman character to beat enemies and collect coins.

Spiderman is a famous superhero character loved by many people. He has extraordinary abilities. He can shoot spider webs and use them to swing around. In this way, his movement speed is astounding. In addition, he can also fight as a secondary superhero. He possesses great strength that can defeat various enemies.

In this game, he needs your support to complete the challenge. You need to help him swing through everywhere. Shoot spider webs and swing over skyscrapers. To help your character move easily, you will click the left mouse button to help him shoot spider webs. You can adjust the high and low positions of the character when shooting a spider web. Do not let your character touch unless you have to stop the game. You also play Stickman Hook first to train your abilities.

Some missions need to be completed

Before starting each turn, you will receive quests. You must complete it after a turn is over. These quests are reaching the longest distance, collecting gold coins, or beating five enemies. When your character swings, you need to adjust his position accordingly to get more coins. Also, the road forgot to dodge the sharp spikes. There are many other interesting missions for you. You need to complete missions to advance to more difficult missions.

The highlights of Spiderman Mysterio Rush

In order for your Spiderman to be able to fight and complete missions quickly, don't ignore upgrades and power-ups.

The upgrades

  • The speed: It makes your character go faster.
  • The acrobatics: Use it to defeat enemies and go through rings that fill your special meter faster.
  • The web shield: It gives you web protection that can withstand more hits.
  • The luck coins: You can earn mỏe currency from coins.
  • The drone: It will increase the chance of encountering a glider drone.

The power-ups

When swinging, you can get more rings. They will help you to go faster and beat others effectively. In addition, you should not miss the magnets. You can get more coins thanks to them.