Spider Zombie

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The exciting adventure of Spider Zombie

Some strict rules

Participate in Spider Zombie to reach the finish line by using spider silk. Swing your zombie to approach the finish line safely and pass the level.

You will control the zombie character so that it can swing without falling. To be able to balance your character, you will use spider silk. You need to support your character so it can swing further. Try to reach the finish line as soon as possible. Then, you can advance to the following levels.

When swinging, you need to focus on the length of the spider silk. You need to adjust it so that your character does not collide with any obstacles on the ground unless you will lose. Make an effort to complete the level.

Control the character

To control your character, you will use the arrow keys. Press the up and down arrow keys if you want your character to go down or go up. Remember that you are not allowed to let the character touch the ground. If you want to swing right or left, press the right and left arrow keys. In addition, you can press the spacebar to shoot the spider silk and swing. Press the spacebar one more time to create new spider silk.

Some features of Spider Zombie

The character

Your character in this game is exceptional. Perhaps, you already know the character Spiderman. It is the superhero. However, have you ever seen Spider Zombie? Your character is not a superhero. It is a zombie. It possesses the strength of a spider. So it can manipulate spider silk flexibly. It can be seen that the characters in the game are unique and new. You will feel its enjoyment while playing the game. If you love this character, play the game now.

The challenging levels

The game offers a lot of challenging levels. You need to conquer them in turn. Try your best to conquer as many levels as possible. Then, you can both train your skills and relax. The game is so exciting if you can join with another. You can compete to become the best player in the game.