Spider Hunt

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The overview of Spider Hunt

The principles of the game

Welcome to Spider Hunt where you can hunt a large number of spiders. You need to come up with some excellent strategies to eliminate all spiders.

Do you want to become a professional hunter? In this game, your task is to hunt spiders in the maze. To destroy them, you need to plant bombs. If you can trap all the spiders present in the maze, you win. However, spiders are very smart. They always find other ways to dodge your bombs. So you need to guess their path. You need to place bombs in the correct positions so that when the bombs explode, the spiders will disappear.

The faster you kill spiders, the more gold coins and high scores you have. You need to improve your skills to win. The higher the level, the more spiders there are. Are you afraid of these spiders? Become a professional spider hunter in this game. Good luck.


You will place a bomb by clicking on the location you want to put in the spider's path, and the bomb will explode.

Some challenges and tricks when playing Spider Hunt

Some challenges

When hunting spiders, you will get two bombs available. If you use up two bombs, you need to wait a few seconds to reload the bomb. So you will waste a lot of time if you place the bomb incorrectly. You will not be able to complete your mission.

In addition, the time to hunt spiders is also limited. You will only have 90 seconds to complete your mission. If the time is up, you have not completed the mission, the game is over. So this challenge requires you to be agile and have a smart strategy. If you can complete the mission, you continue to hunt more spiders in later levels.

Some tricks for you

To complete the level, you should wait for the spiders to reach a dead end. Then, you put the bomb. They will not be able to escape. Also, if possible, you should place bombs on roads where both or more spiders will pass. As a result, you can save time and use bombs effectively.