Snake Game

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Introduction to Snake Game

Some attractive missions

Snake Game offers unique gameplay for everyone. You can join the game and try to eat as many apples as possible to size up while avoiding bombs.

Snake game is no longer strange to everyone. It appeared decades ago and attracted many people. Your task in the game is also quite simple to understand. First, you need to be proficient in controlling your character. Controlling the snake character in this game is quite similar to Sushi Party. You can try playing it to practice your ability before playing this game. Next, you need to collect as many apples as possible. Red apples will make your snake character bigger. The size of the snake will gradually increase. In addition, you can also collect many potions. They can help you to stay on the playing field longer. Finally, remember that you must avoid colliding with the bombs. If you can't dodge them, you will be blown up. As a result, the game is over.

The missions in the game are quite easy to understand. You can try to join the game and experience it. It will help you reminisce about the past. The game is also more attractive thanks to beautiful graphics and vivid sound.

Controls your snake

To control your snake character, you need to use the arrow keys. Press the left and right arrow keys to navigate your character to consume apples and potions while trying to dodge the bombs.

The outstanding game modes of Snake Game

The game offers two amusing game modes. You can choose one of them to start the game. Let's learn some things related to these modes.

The Normal mode

This mode is chosen by many players. In this mode, you will control your character. Besides completing the tasks mentioned above, you also need to avoid other people. If you hit the others' snake, you lose. You can also create traps to get them removed from the playing field.

The Practice mode

In this mode, you are allowed to practice your skills. The number of opponents is also less than in Normal mode. Please join this mode until you master it. Try your best to win. Good luck!