Smash Karts

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The overview of Smash Karts


Smash Karts is an attractive racing game where you can check your driving skills. You will assist your character to navigate a car to beat other opponents.

It can be said that this is a multiplayer game. On the playground, there are many little mice controlling their cars which are controlled by many players from all over the world. You will join the game and try to become one of the best.

You will control the car and go around the playground. In each mode, you will have different missions. These missions are extremely attractive and make you unable to stop playing. If you are ready, then play the game now. You can also invite your friends to join the game and compete fairly. The winner will be the last person standing on the playing field or the first to complete the task. Play Spacebar Clicker when you finish all tasks.

In addition, you must also remember that your opponent can crash into you and remove you from the playing field. You need to be careful and avoid them. They can also be removed if you attack with a weapon. Do it first to gain an advantage in the game. Besides, try to dodge the walls. They will reduce your speed and get you stuck. As a result, the opponent has a chance to attack you. Take caution with them.

Navigate your car in the game

WASD or the arrow keys to move.

The spacebar to fire.

The game modes in Smash Karts

Free For All mode

This is a game mode suitable for everyone. Anyone can join this mode and fight independently. You can set a round timer or team mode. Weapons can be used in this mode. If you just want to attack your opponent directly with your car, choose not to use weapons. And vice versa. There are also many types of weapons available if you want to defeat your rivals with weapons.

Gem Collector mode

Your mission in this mode is to collect more gems than your rivals to win. You must speed up to reach them and gather. If you drive too slow, all gems will be gathered by your enemies. You will not have enough gems, you will be eliminated from the playing field. Try your best.

Capture The Flag mode

The flag has been hidden so you need to find it before your opponent completes the mission. You must get it as soon as possible to be the winner. Unlike the two game modes above, you cannot play the game as a team. You have to complete the task by yourself

Hat Holder mode

Holding your hat is your responsibility in this mode. You can play as a team or fight alone. Please select Arene before starting the game. There will be many unique arenas waiting for you. Do not forget to choose the weapon to be able to defeat your enemies. They include Straight Shooters, Lobbers, Spiky and Invincible, Buttles, Lob-Grenades, Nukes, Rockets, and Machine Guns.