Slope Bike 2

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The overview of Slope Bike 2

Conquer a fierce race track placed on the air with a racer in Slope Bike 2. You need to steer the bike to go the longest distance and gather gems.

Like Moto X3M, the game also has a thrilling race track. Are you ready to join and conquer this race? This aerial track can make you fall at any time. Therefore, you need to prepare excellent skills to conquer it.

To complete the track, you need to dodge the obstacles on the way. They are squares blocking your tracks. If you crash into them, you must stop the game immediately. In addition, you need to avoid a lot of gaps. You can change your lanes or take advantage of the speed-up paths to overcome them.

Furthermore, you will also face a lot of narrow roads. If you are focused, you may stay on the race track. Please stay calm when going through these paths. Try your best to go as far as possible.

How to control: Use the left and right arrow keys to play.

How to win in Slope Bike 2

Buy the upgrades

Using upgrades will help your character go further. First, if you buy Shield, you can survive even if you collide with obstacles. Use it to be able to survive on the track longer. Next, you can buy Magnet. It will help you collect more gems. You do not need to switch lanes multiple times. The result is that you will not be put at high risk. In the end, choosing X2 will get you the highest score. You will be ranked at the top of the leaderboard.

Exchange other characters in the shop

In the store, there are many different characters. They have great bikes. You can buy them to be able to conquer the track more easily. You need at least 1000 gems to buy them. So try your best to accumulate gems.