Sheep Sling

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The exciting mechanics of Sheep Sling

Join Sheep Sling to help the cute little animals climb as high as possible. Navigate your character to stick to the pins and then dodge dangerous obstacles.

In this game, you will help a little sheep climb as high as possible. As you know, sheep are not climbing animals. So, it needs your support to climb as high as possible. You will hold and drag the left mouse button to control your sheep. You can pull it down for momentum and bounce it up. You also need to navigate it carefully so as not to collide with anything.

In the game, if you can take advantage of the pins, you can climb higher. The pins are fixed. There are two different types of pins. The blue pins let you stay longer. You can stop to adjust the direction and jumping force of the sheep. On the other hand, you need to take caution with the red pins. They can disappear at any time. As a result, your character will fall. It will probably hit hard with some obstacles. You need to focus on the game to climb higher.

Some remarkable traits of Sheep Sling

Many deadly obstacles

In the game, there are many dangerous obstacles. They can take your sheep's life. You need to avoid them. Some obstacles can move, so you have to bounce quickly. The higher you go, the more obstacles you will have to face. Are you brave enough to overcome them?

Many cute characters

Besides the sheep character, you can choose other cute animals. These include pigs, monkeys, penguins, frogs, and lions. To select them, you need to collect as many coins as possible. You should not miss any coins. The more coins you have, the more attractive characters you can choose. Good luck.