Save The Fish

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How to Save The Fish

Save The Fish is a thrilling arcade game. Your mission is to assist a fish in reaching the aquarium while gathering three starts to complete the level.

In this game, you will see a stuck spiny fish. It must be placed in the aquarium to be able to survive. So you will get the task to save this fish. However, you need to be aware that your fish will not be able to swim because it is in a different environment. It cannot move freely like in water. Therefore, you need to control it. You will use your mouse to navigate your fish. When you start the game, the fish will be covered with bubbles. If you click on the fish once, it will become bigger. As such, it will be able to hover in the air. You need to help it through gaps or traps. If you want to land, you click one more time to make the bubble smaller. Then you can land quickly. You must remember that you must not let your fish fall unless you will lose. You need to change the shape of the bubble quickly to help it reach the aquarium.

How to complete the level in Save The Fish

While saving the fish, you need to focus on another mission. You need to collect three stars in the game. If you collect one star, you cannot move to the following levels. You need to have at least two stars to complete the level. In addition, if you want to get more stars, you can replay the game many times to become the best player.

Besides, after finishing the level, you have to conquer the more challenging level. You may face more traps and obstacles. Try your best to win.