Save The Dummy

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The challenging levels in Save The Dummy

Save The Dummy offers a lot of rescues. In the shortest time, you must find the best way to save your character from deadly traps and advance to the next level.

The game has numerous levels of escalating difficulty. Many hazards await your character. They could be squares, gaps, sharks, banana peels, spikes, or iron traps, among other shapes. Your stickman character will perish if he falls for one of these traps. You will consequently lose right away. You must save him in order to advance through further levels.

You will receive many gems after successfully saving your character. Wait for the requirement to point to the multiplier if you want to increase the number of diamonds you receive. The number of gems will be multiplied when you press the Next button.

Furthermore, in the following levels, your character may be the sea turtle, little animals, etc. No matter what it is, you have to save them from traps, sharks, banana peels, etc. The higher the level, the harder it is. You must have an excellent strategy to complete the mission.

Way to Save The Dummy challenges

You must draw a line to aid the stickman in escaping the trap in order to save him. You must not allow your character to get caught in traps or holes. In order for your character to land safely or avoid stepping on banana peels, you must also build bridges. You must keep in mind that you have three seconds to complete the task. Therefore, developing a clever plan is essential.