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Some information about SamUp

The gameplay

When joining SamUp, you can enjoy exciting gameplay. Control your hero character to collect as many coins as possible while dodging many obstacles and enemies.

Welcome to the fascinating game. Have you ever piloted any hero? In this game, you are allowed to control a superhero. You will assist him in his ascent. You will navigate so that he can fly high without colliding with anything.

The task seems simple but it will have some tough challenges for you. You will face a lot of obstacles. They include monsters and spikes. Sometimes shurikens also appear. They are extremely dangerous. They can cause your character to lose his life at any time. So you have to dodge them in time to be able to fly higher.

Additionally, do not forget to collect gold coins. This is another important task. You have to navigate your character so that he flies over them. As a result, your number of gold coins will increase significantly.

Some tips for you

As you see on the screen, there are many power-ups. You have to collect all of them. The shield can save your character's life. He will not die even if he crashes into the obstacles. Besides, you can collect the rocket. It can help you to fly faster. You can break many obstacles when using the rocket. Good luck!

Moreover, you need to focus on the energy bar. You need to maintain the character's energy. If he has no energy left, you will have to stop the game. After hitting the enemies, your energy will decrease.

The outstanding traits of SamUp

The game offers an endless track. You can conquer it. The higher you fly, the more obstacles there are. They appear and drain your energy. Therefore, you need to improve your skills to be able to dodge them. Your flight speed will also increase. So it is best if you can train your quick response-ability.

If you are keen on the speedy game, you should not miss this game. You can relax and express the stress. Try your best to win. You also invite your friends to join the game. Control your character in turn to find the winner who owns a large number of coins.